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KRAVE fitness opened in 2012 as the hottest group exercise studio around. Since COVID, our studio has taken a new path and our focus has changed to a more personalized approach for the individual looking to better their health. We offer a small number of small group classes such as barre, yoga, BUTI, mommy me and more which are added as pop up classes. We develop programs for all ages, helping to better your overall wellness through movement and nutrition. Instead of just handing you a program we work hand in hand with you and your care team (if you have one) educating you as we make changes. From an 8 year old who is a ‘picky eater’ to a 15 year old who is self conscious  about their weight and wants to find movement that they love. To the professional athlete all the way through to those in their 80s and yes even 90s trying to walk the best path for lifelong wellness, we can help you reach your goals. KRAVE classes are designed to be fun and effective!



Leah Santello is a 15 year veteran of the fitness and health industry. As an AFFA and TurboKick certified instructor, Leah has taught group exercise classes and trained individual clients. She is nutrition certified with experience consulting hundreds of clients with varying goals.

Leah’s life long passion for health is apparent in her work ethic and ongoing pursuit of improvement. She graduated with a BS in Heath Education/ Wellness Management and minored in Business Administration from Plymouth State University. She also specialized in nutrition. Following her graduation, Leah began consulting athletes on sports nutrition and devising fitness programs at multiple well known gyms working as an independent wellness consultant. She also worked at Jenny Craig for 3 years, where she quickly became the most sought after consultant in New England, and was chosen to help open a new center. Leah has experience working in the hospital setting as a nutritionist.

Leah has also taught health ed to kindergarten. She developed and implemented a wellness program for teens which she taught for a number of years at local schools in Massachusetts, after school yoga programs in Rhode Island for underprivileged kids to help them manage stress and gain confidence, and grant based programs for  at local library’s to help kids learn how to move their bodies and have fun, mindfulness and basic nutrition. She has taught barre and Pilates ongoing at WPI for 8 years, working with the faculty on their lunch breaks.


She has developed a niche for those in their retirement years who are looking to gain strength, flexibility, balance and increase their quality of life. Her clients range from single digits to those in their upper 80s. 

Leah also has experience prepping people for pageants and fitness competitions 

Today, Leah teaches at health clubs across Massachusetts teaching boot camp, muscle conditioning, and cardio interval classes, while continuing to provide weight loss and nutritional plans for individuals through her website.

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