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Business Consulting

    When searching for a business consultant, companies typically enjoy reading the words, “life long experience”, in a prospect’s resume. For Leah, these words have been just a byproduct of a life time of dedication and involvement in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Screening business start ups and their industries. If you have decided to start or already own your own business and are interested in taking the steps to increase it’s profitability and market presence, email Leah today for your free preliminary consultation.

In 2004, shortly after finishing her Health Education-Wellness Management degree at PSU, she opened One-on-One Nutrition at Core Fitness in Worcester, MA. This program, based in California, and was originally started by a retired NFL athlete. One-on-One was geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts who were already in optimal shape but sought improvement in their nutrition and fitness to reach their maximum performance.  The business developed comprehensive nutrition and fitness programs for each individual client. Personal consulting was optional and was conducted in both face to face meetings as well as using email for updates and consultations. The business was profitable within its first month and had over 30 clients within the first two months of operation.

    “I was given guidelines for One-on-One, a binder, and that was it. It was my first start up and I was so excited to be given the opportunity right out of college. I did everything from decorate the office, market internally and externally, create the programs and sales to the one on one weekly consultations. I loved seeing how I could actually create a thriving business out of my knowledge and experience.”

Leah then began working at Jenny Craig and moved up the ladder over her three years with the company. In her last year she was one of three employees chosen to open a brand new center which won many awards, becoming the fastest center to reach profitability once opened and exceeded its quota by 300%.

    Afterwards, Leah was hired to open and run “Thin and Healthy”, a licenced weight loss business. During the initial start up, she began by implementing a grass roots marketing plan for generating leads to produce a client base. Within the first six months of operation she reached profitability and steadily hired employees to help consult over 100 members. Marketing was an integral part of her position because the program had not been tested in the North East. In addition, she was also head of training and hiring new employees.

    In 2010, Leah was offered a consulting position for a company that specializes in cardiovascular Services. She was given three months to create a vascular screening program and obtain one client. She reached this goal and continues working with them on perfecting their new business venture. To date, Yale, Cape Cod Hospital, Tufts, and Brigham & Women’s Hospitals are current clients.

Leah was approached to take over as Media Manager for BikiniZone in 2010, and asked to create and manage a Facebook page for company. She spearheaded the viral marketing for two of their most popular products, and in less than three months, she was able to credit the page with exceeding 6,000 “Likes”. In the short time Leah was contracted for she effectively maximized the companies brand recognition to their target audience and established a loyal customer base.

    Through out her career, Leah has maintained a manageable client base seeking her expertise in Fitness, Physical training, and nutrition. In 2011, as the demands for her services began to surge, she decided to rededicate her attention to her passion and created LBella Fitness & Nutrition. In a few months time she designed and developed her website as well as an active social media platform to better connect with her clients using Facebook , YouTube, and Twitter. By 2012 her client list had grown beyond her capacity to accommodate new inquiries.

    Today, Leah Santello is in the process of opening the first Krave Fitness & Nutrition training center located within a newly constructed business center in Millbury, MA. With the grand opening set tentatively for April 2012, Leah is extremely excited and is looking forward to meeting the demands of everyone looking to start or continue their “pursuit of healthiness.”

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