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Please Welcome!

Don't miss Isabel's New 4 week, 8 class Yoga Challenge!

Click below for more info!


Please help us welcome Lauren to K3. She is teaching a new flex and flow bootybarre, which gives you an extra push on your bootybarre routine.


Please also welcome Sean, our boxing circuit instructor and also teaches a women's self defense seminar. You can catch him in Millbury on Friday nights.

Running Club

Starts 5/10 in Millbury

Sundays we will meet at K1 in Millbury at 9am and run roughly until 10am. This is the second year of the running club and there is no fee to join. Come chat and work with other runners who probably hate running as much as you do! Hey... we know it's good for us so WE DO IT anyway!


Please welcome Marie, a BootyBarre instructor. She teaches at both Millbury and Westborough!

Schedule your barre birthday or bachelorette party with us! Snacks and drinks as well as decor are provided. All you need to do is show up with some friends and have a blast!

Birthday or Bride?

Fall Schedule Updates

Leah August 24, 2014


  • Marc's Wednesday class will change to 8:45-9:45am (would you all like a half spin, half upper body sculpt or do you want to keep the full spin?)

  • When would you want a full sculpt barre class added at k3? Would you like Friday night 6:15-7pm at k3 after tabata?

  • What classes do you want more of and when and which locations?

  • Boot Camp with Tarah is switching to 5:45-6:30am M/W or M/W/F (we have had a lot of feedback about members wanting it to be at an earlier time). Please email to reserve your spot. 10 people max

  • We switched the running group to 8am and Fit Body on Sundays to 9:30am temporarily, would you like this to be a permanent schedule change? 

  • Leah will be putting together an appetizer and drink "Get-Together Night" come mid September, if you have a restaurant location idea let us know! 

  • The Rugged Maniac is 9/28 if you want to join us purchase your ticket now and join team 'Krave Maniacs'.

  • 7 more weeks until our half marathon in Newport on October 11th. We made a I Krave Running Facebook page so like it for running tips, updates and more! Leah will be putting together running care packages for anyone doing 5ks-marathons to anyone just trying to get into running. Photos will be on the I Krave Running Facebook page and for sale at k1. If you want to join us for the half marathon and you aren't on the team yet email Leah. 

  • All Krave sweatshirts are $10 off for the rest of August! 

  • Bring a Guy for Free to Barre is the first Friday night in September, come on ladies and gents it's for fun!

  • There are a couple Small Group and One-on-One personal training spots open for the Fall so email Heather your availability! 

July Updates

Leah June 24, 2014


  • This is the LAST WEEK to use all of our JUNE Specials! For new members only (if you were formally a Fit Studio 28 member you are not considered new in our system)

  • Marc will be gone for a week and a half at the beginning of July but when he returns he will be teaching SPIN Tuesdays, then Upper Body Sculpt after, and SPIN on Wednesdays

  • Please welcome Nicole whom will be teaching Friday SPIN!

  • Tarah's Boot Camp at Woolie World / K1 in Millbury starts July 7th! We need at least 6 people signed up to hold the class. Please email us by Friday to 

  • We ask that all K3 Spin members bring their shoes home with them or leave them in their car.

  • Saturday mornings is now SPIN with optional 15 minutes stretch after for those who would like to stay, no longer SPIN Yoga. 

  • We want to publicly thank Miika, one of our office managers, whom will be leaving us at the end of the month. He will be moving back to LA and he has helped us tremendously through our third location opening. We now ask that any of your questions be sent to Heather or Sarah at or

  • Leah will be gone on vacation July 16-21 and there will be subs for each of her classes- so don't miss them!

  • Running Team starts this Sunday. If you're interested please meet at K1 at 9:15am.

  • K24 will still open in July, however due to our opening of K3, the K24 Fitness Studio (@K2) will not be completely ready with all equipment until August 1st. The price for July will be $20, and in August it will go back to our planned price. Please stay tuned for more info or check out our K24 page on our website.

Summer Updates

Leah June 10, 2014


  • Make sure you aren't slacking this summer! Remember to sign up for the classes you want to keep on the schedule for summer, because classes with low attendance will have to be taken off the schedule until the fall.

  • NEW SPIN class starts next week at 6:15amwith Kevin!

  • All Unlimited Memberships have a $10 late cancel/no show fee. 

  • Only two more weeks of baby barre on Saturday. Great for new moms who want to lose that pregnancy weight while bonding with your baby! 

  • For the summer do you prefer 7am, 8am,9am or 9:30am classes?

  • Leah S will be teaching at K3 starting July 1st on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.

  • Please review the KRAVE Guidelines  on our website under "About". 

  • Check out the most up-to-date schedules!


K3 Opening!

Leah May 30, 2014



Welcome kravers of fitness,


I cannot wait to meet you all. Please read through the updates.

The grand opening specials for June are:

1. Half off a 3 month unlimited membership. This is not a year contract you pay in full for the 3 months. code to use at checkout:unlimited3GO

2. 1/2 off a 30 class punch card, you have until 9/1/14 to use the classes, that's about 3 a week. code:30PC

3. Sign up for a contract for 2 classes a week and get your first month free! code:2XGO


  • I have one last class to add, an early morning spin-would you like Tuesday or Thursday and 6:15am or 6:30am? Email me feedback!

  • Fathers day class will be a circuit sculpt and Dads come for free (bring waiver if new).

  • You will need to print & bring waivers to your first class, these can be found on the website at top right. Click on 'new client waiver' tab.

  • Pricing- take a peek at our online store on Mind Body. You now have the option for cheaper drop ins & punch cards and personal training.

  • Now offering- small group, nutrition, baby barre & fit moms, running groups (13 people signed up already for team I krave fitness in October at the Newport marathon.)

  • You now have over 80 classes a week to choose from at two beautiful locations! Memberships and Punch Cards are for both studios

  • K2 is also in Millbury and as of July 1 it will be a 24 hour fitness studio-info on website.

  • Check out the June schedule, please come to the classes you want for the summer so we can keep them on!

  • Instructors you will recognize- Chris, Caitlin, Leah A, Michele

  • I am setting up a foam roller seminar for July.


June Updates!

Leah May 26, 2014



Hi everyone, happy holiday!


  • The last Baby Barre 4 week program starts this Saturday, sign up online!

  • Please email me to confirm 6am boot camp for June. I have so far- Maura, Maggie, Ashley D, Julie, Dianne. Anyone else in? The free bootcamp ends this week. Choose from Wednesday or Friday.

  • Nordstrom free classes start this Sunday

  • One opening June small group 5:30-6:15p

  • Wally's Pilates Friday morning is getting changed to a class with Geoff this week at K2 due to low attendance. Would you like a circuit or boot camp and what time? 6a, 7a, or 8am?? Email me and preference wins

  • Westboro K3, classes are on Mind Body now. I will be running a huge special for June which is grand opening month. Stay tuned

  • Last Saturday at K2 for $35 massages with Heather, call her to sign up.


Enjoy those burgers and beer today!


Leah May 19, 2014



K2 turns 24hr Fitness Studio

Starting July 1st K2 (50 Howe Ave Millbury) will become a 24/7 fitness studio for a monthly fee. Leah will post daily workouts for you to complete in your own time with modifications of course! This way there will be NO MORE EXCUSES to get your workout in! K2 will also be used for personal and small group training while all group classes will be held at K1 and K3. There will be three different membership types to choose from including 3 months (summer only) 6 months, and 12 months. Sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership before July 1st and get your first month FREE! Go to MindBody> Services > Contracts > and choose a membership!


  • If you have any gently used exercise equipment at home (from 2lb dumbbells to ellipticals) you aren't using much & want to sell please contact Leah >

  • Leah's Thursday morning barre class will change to K3 at 9:45am.

  • Sundays in June Wally will be teaching Leah's Sunday morning Fit Body Class as Leah will be teaching free classes at Nordstrom.

  • In June Mondays Core & More class will be moving to 8:00am. 

  • There are a couple spots still open for Small Group training including: Monday at 5:30pm and Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Friday at 4:30pm

  • Starting in June Mondays Small Groups will change from 6:15pm to 5:30pm and 7:00pm to 6:15

  • If you are interested in a Foam Roller Seminar- please contact us! Would Saturday or Sunday work better for you?



May Bootcamp 

This May try your first Bootcamp class for FREE! Choose either the Monday or Wednesday morning bootcamp. Find it under Services > Group Classes > One Time Class on MindBody and enter "mayfreebootcamp" promo code! 


Sign up for KRAVE Fitness Studio before July 1st and receive your first month FREE! You must sign up for the 6 or 12 month membership to receive the deal. There is a $50 Key Deposit that will be returned to you when you return the key. Go to MindBody > Services > Contracts > and choose a membership!

May Updates

Leah April 28, 2014


Good morning, I hope everyone is starting their week off with a balanced breakfast and a good plan for the week on fitting in their fitness! Please read the updates- -

  • Heather, owner of Renew Spa will be offering massages for KRAVE members every Saturday in May 10am-4pm at K2. Its only 35$ for an hour massage! Space is limited so call to book your massage 1-774-502-0844

  • Boot Camps will be held at Woolie World again this summer, starting in May 5/5. The next 4 weeks starts next Monday. Tarah will post on  Facebook Krave fitness & Nutrition by 5am if there is an issue with weather and class is at K1. The studio at K2 will be open so you can still go there and use the shower after. This Wednesday Boot Camp is at K2 and it is a drop in so you must purchase a bootcamp drop in online. This Wednesday is not part of Aprils 4 week. Please email Leah or Sarah if you haven't already to reserve May spot.

  • May Boot Camp is 99$ Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • The spots open for Small Group in May are Tuesdays 4:30pm, Fridays 4:30pm.

  • Now that summer is here I am sure that your Sundays will be busy. Isabel has said that she is open to teach a 5:30am or 6am Yoga class Tuesdays instead of Sundays starting in June for the summer. If this is something that interests you please let us know and also if would you like it to be more of a power yoga to get your day going or do you like the warm yoga.

  • T-Shirts and Tanks are $24.99, pick yours up at K1 today. Foam rollers for sale now as well, available at both locations.

  • Please welcome Lindsay to Krave, she comes with a ton of energy and brings her own personality into her Zumba classes, catch her at K1 Sundays at 9am!

  • We have a couple new instructors and personal trainers as well as office assistants coming on board this summer to try and keep your needs met as the business grows. I try...but have learned I cannot do it all!

  • There are 2 huge, exciting announcements coming. Stay tuned until May 1 for the first one. The second one coming on May 15. I will hint that the second announcement is something that a lot of you have mentioned would make your fitness journey so much easier so I hope you are as excited as I am and this will make your summer workouts a lot more easier to fit in!

  • As always, I appreciate all of your feedback. This is a small, owner operated business and although I do not have all the resources as most large gyms I really do try to meet everyone's needs. It has been almost 2 years that my dream has come true to be able to have a home to help people feel better about themselves inside and out, and learn that fitness can be fun! I appreciate all of you and all of your patience; great ideas with me as I get this dream up and going. I hope that you enjoy your classes.

  • Summer can be tough to keep up with your health but don't let your results dwindle after working so hard all year, keep at it, make the time! Striving to bring you the best instructors and hottest classes with a personal touch! KRAVE A HEALTHY BODY & MIND


Leah March 19, 2014


Updates February 27!

Leah February 27, 2014


  • We will be offering a Women's Self Defense class with Leah's good friend Dan, owner of a Mixed Martial Arts Center. The possible dates for Defense class include: April Thursday the 3rd & the 10th from 6:30-8:30pm, or, April Sunday the 6th and 12th from 1pm-3pm, or April Sunday the 6th from 1pm-4pm. Please email Leah with your date preference so we can narrow down the options!

  • Monday Adult Zumba class will come off the schedule as of April 1st. 

  • Ali will be offering a Zumba Kids 6 week class Wednesday March 5th - April 9th from 4:30pm-5:20pm, with April 16th as a make-up day.  This 6 week program is $69 with a free make up class. The $69 is the pre-register price. We need 5 kids signed up to offer it and then we will offer a drop in for $15 on MindBody.

  • March Bootcampers need to pay by Friday. $139 3x a week or $99 2x a week or $15 Bootcamp drop in option on MindBody. You can purchase 3x a week online under group classes or check/ cash and 2x a week option needs to be check/cash. M/W/F March all month. If you have not already confirmed and paid please email 

  • There is a last minute opening for Wednesday 6pm small group & an opening for small group Monday 6:15pm

  • Starting on March 10th, Wally will take over yoga-laties and it will change to a pilates mat class. 

    Have a happy & fit day and remember....KRAVE a healthy body & a healthy mind!

March Happenings!

Leah February 17, 2013


Happy Monday Kravers! Please read through these updates:


  • Please email to reserve your spot for March Boot Camp. This month there are 7 in this group and that is the max for March. Reserve your spot by Feb 25th or you can just pay online for the 139$ BootCamp option under the group classes tab under retail.

  • Tarah is stuck out of town due to the snow so this week Boot Camp is Friday morning 6am and Sunday morning 10:30-11:15am

  • I am going to be renting out K2 a couple days a week when it is not in use with classes/personal training so if you or someone you know may be interested email me at It's a great spot if you are opening a small business, need to meet with clients, offer massage, photography, etc

  • Kids FREE Zumba classes are this week Wednesday at 3pm and Friday at 10am, you must sign them up on MINDBODY. Its a free class, so you will need to create an account for your child and just click sign up. This will be followed by a 6 week pre-sign up program with a free make up class for after school one day a week for only $69. If interested and cannot make either free demo email Sarah.

  • 3/28 I will be subbing for Tracys Fit Body Bootcamp class at 5:30pm

  • 3/22 Barre is moved to 3/21 Friday night at 6:30pm

  • Wallys 4pm Sunday Pilates was on the schedule for 5 weeks and because there was no attendance it will be pulled off the schedule. If you were planning on starting to attend email me asap.

  • There are some open spots in Small Group Training for March including:
    Monday 6:15pm, Monday 7pm, Tuesday 4:30pm
    If you want to build your own small group email me.

  • One on One training spots open in March include:
    Mondays, Thursdays 8:30am, email me for details and 30min spots not listed are available

    Have a happy & fit day and remember....KRAVE a healthy body & a healthy mind!

February Updates!

Leah January 5, 2013


  • You asked for more cardio classes:-Tarah's cardio kickboxing is back Saturdays at 8am-Wally added a low impact (not hard on the knees)
    cardio class Wednesdays at 7pm starting tonight
    . We will be adding mini trampolinesin starting next week. I only have 6 so there is a 6
    person max for the first month.


  • Wally's Tuesday Fit Body will change back into upper body sculpt Burn format next week. (katie's old class)

  • The option to do Boot Camp drop-ins with your punch card ends 1/31.

  • Tarah is back teaching the bootcamp in Feb. Email me if interested ASAP.

  • Kids Fitness class will be moved starting next week from 4:20-5:10 to 4:30-5:15pm. If you have kids drop them off so they can get healthy too!

  • The FREE kids Zumba demos are next month, click below for details. Following the demo we will be offering a pre-reg discounted 6 week kids program with a free make up class AND if that doesn't work there will be an option for drop ins.


  • I have open spots for FEB personal training: Mondays 8:30-9:15am, Mondays 2pm, Thursdays 2:15pm, 3:45pm Fridays. I have open spots for small group personal training: Mondays 6:15-7pm, Tuesdays 4:30-5:15pm Mondays 3:45-4:30 is small group for teachers. Only 49$ for 6 weeks. If you are a teacher and want to get into this group email me.

  • I have some 15 second videos from fun classes we have done, if its not ok to post on website email me. None were taken without yourknowledge so don't worry!

  • I am organizing a pregnancy low intensity fitness class hopefully starting next month. Email me if interested.

  • Have a fabulous week and I hope to see you soon burning those calories and getting more fit! Remember the membership is in the 'contract' section of MindBody if you are looking for something cheaper than the punch cards :)

Bootcamp/ New Classes!

Leah January 5, 2013


  • Boot Camp starts tomorrow morning, either purchase the 4 week bootcampoption and you don't have to sign in or purchase a punch card/use current punches and sign in for each one you will be attending. Getyour workout in before your day begins! M/W/F 6-6:45am 4 weeks.

  • Wally's Fit Body class will be moved to Tuesdays 8:30-9:15am at K1starting next week, 1/14. She will be adding another Pilates class since a lot of you love it! Options are Fridays 6:30pm, Sundays 4 or 5pm. Email me back if you were one of the people who asked for this and let me know which day/time you like best. We will add it next week!

  • Holiday Party is next Sunday 2-6pm at K2! The poster is on the facebook page.

  • I have made 508-410-5127 the business line and purchased a new phone number for my personal phone. This cell phone will remain at Krave 1. Any texts and calls will get answered by either Libby or Sarah the new office assistants who are starting this week. I will also be checking it through the day. Feel free to continue texting/emailing and calling this number and the best part is now even if I am with a client or teaching a class you will get a quicker reply! They will be in the office mon-fri about 5:30-8/9pm and sundays to help with your needs!

January Updates!

Leah December 30, 2013


  • Happy Holidays, sending out the monthly email with updates.

  • First, Wally is subbing tonight's Fit Body at 5:30pm for Tracey who gets back tomorrow.

  • Second, Derrick is teaching this month's Boot Camp. There will be trial classes this Thursday and Friday morning for everyone to come sample before signing up for the month or if you want to get a couple extra classes in this week. K2 6-6:45am. You can use a punch sign up online. The January month Boot Camp will start next Monday1/6 for 4 weeks. It runs Mon, Wed, Fridays at K2 6-6:45am and is 139$ for the month. The program is not tons of high intensity cardio but was designed as a Krave Strength program. Each class focuses on certain muscle groups. Abs and short cardio bursts are added in. This is agreat class for men and women who are looking to tone and work on their strength. There is a special for January only for those new tobootcamp its only 89$. The code is ldbootcamp and can be used when you purchase the 4 week bootcamp option online at checkout.

  • Third, the holiday party is 1/12 Sunday at K2 from 2-6pm. I never had a chance to have a grand opening so please come support me and have some fun. This is a Pot Luck so anyone that brings a small plate or an alcoholic beverage to share will automatically get a raffle ticket. It does not have to be healthy! Adult party but bring significant others,friends, family, coworkers. We will also have a yankee swap ($20-$30)for those that want to participate bring any item you maybe won't use from Xmas or maybe you over bought. Since this is an adult party you can get creative with the swap hahahah! Wear whatever you like but bring a pair of slippers or some comfy socks! We will have chair massages, a reflexologist and if you have a small business and want to give something to the raffle or set up a table let me know.

  • Kids classes-The kids fitness classes will continue on Mondays 4:30-5:15pm for the next 5 weeks at K2. However if attendance does not increase we may have to temporarily take it off the schedule. If your kids like being active or you think they should be more active you can now purchase a drop in kids class for $10 online. It is co-ed and the ages vary 4-9. The Zumba kids class is going to be a pre-sign up class after this week so please email me if interested. It will be 6 weeks with a free make up class for $59 Tuesdays at K1 4:30-5:20pm

  • JANUARY DEAL-sign up for a membership 1/1-1/15 and get half off your first month! See flyer below. 30 days cancelation notice, no sign up fee or annual fee. Choose from 2,3,4,5,unlimited classes per week. Classes total at end of month not week so if youmiss some just make them up before your month is over you won't losethem that week. limited deal first sign up first get.

  • Lastly, I still have a spot for Monday 6:15pm small group, Tuesday 4:30pm small group and I have a couple PT spots open for January. Mondays 5:30-6:15pm and Friday 5:30-6:15PM, Some mornings and mid day.Derrick will be taking on some clients as well as Alie so if interested let me know! Nutrition half off in Jan just 99$ for the month.Have a great holiday and hope to see you at either the 11am or 6:45pm NYE BURN class!

KRAVE New Years Deal!

Leah December 29, 2013


KRAVE Holiday Party!

Leah December 29, 2013


Join us!


Zumba Sub

Leah December 26, 2013


Alie has a funeral she must attend on Saturday so Wally will be subbing a cardio light toning class instead of Zumba toning at k2 9am. Alie will be back for Sunday zumba.


Late November Updates!

Leah November 26, 2013


  • Turkey Burns will be at K2 50 Howe Ave, There are only a couple spots left for Wednesday and Thursday is full. If you are planning on bringing someone you need to message me in FB!
    *** You will get the Black Friday coupon code which is a 20 punch card for 99$ and a 10 punch card for $60, both half off, at the Turkey Burns if you come or Friday morning by checking the Facebook page. This is a great deal so get it while its hot! Availability is limited!

  • Tarah's 4 week program at 6am does not end until 12/13 so Derrick will be on stand by for her tues, wed, fri classes in case she goes into labor early. He will be offering a 2 week Boot Camp mon, wed, fri at 6-6:45 at K2 for the last 2 weeks in December 12/15-12/27 for only 59$. This is a great deal and I am sure everyone could use a little
    extra calorie burn the last 2 weeks of december! There will be no Wallys Boot Camp in December.

  • Wally will be adding another Fit Body class. Options are Fridays 8:00-8:45 or 10-10:45 or Saturdays 8am or 10am. Please let me know those that have requested this. *Wally will be offering a 'Biggest Loser' contest in December. You must come to each of her Wednesday morning Fit Body classes and get weighed in each week. who ever loses the most during the holidays wins a 5 punch card!

  • I will be adding a Slow Barre Stretch class come January which will be slower intense barre exercises and deep stretching after.

  • Tarah will be offering a 6 week pre-sign up for a cardio step class. Minimum pre-sign up is 6. If interested email me day/time that works. Also if you have a step I will buy it from you!

  • I am organizing a Member appreciation night/holiday party. Wine, chocolate Oh Ya! We will do it in Jan and it will be our holiday yankee swap party for krave instructors and members. I promise not to count how many glasses of wine you have! I am thinking Jan 10th or 17th Friday Night 7-10pm

  • Payment for small groups and personal training needs to be paid before the first of the month and made to myself.

  • There is now a FAQ section on the website. Stef is amazing so if you need any web development let me know!

  • I will be getting a new number for Krave and will no longer be using my cell for business as of Jan 1st so stand by for new number.

  • Starting next week I will have an office assistant mon-fri to help with your questions. Katie and Alie are offering the Body Transformation program for one more month but it ends Jan 1st!

Have a fab holiday! Watch out for those pies!


Any scheduling concerns or comments please send them toKatie.ikravefitness@gmail.comlet me know about december bootcamps, wallys class and the step classes!


November Updates!

Leah November 12, 2013


  • This weekend Sculpt Barre is Sunday at K1 9am instead of Saturday. This week only.

  • This weekend Zumba is at K2 on Sunday at 9am instead of at K1. This weekend only.

  • There will be a Turkey Burn class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 5pm and that will be the
    last class of the evening.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Burn is at 9amThese usually fills so sign up now! These are both a punch and bring a friend/family member for 5$! Make sure they bring waivers and have a Mind Body account.

  • Please welcome Isabel who is teaching Yoga Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 10:15am. 

  • Tarah's last Strength & Conditioning program Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (before her time off) starts next week. 5 people minimum soplease email me asap! Starts 11/19 and runs for 4 weeks. This will be at K2 still 6am and the shower will available for those who have to go right to work after. Get your workouts in early during holiday season! Most people who gain weight over the holidays never get it off!

  • We are considering changing the kids Zumba class to earlier so parents have more time after for homework, dinner etc. Please let me know if 3:30 or 4 would be better than 4:30.

  • Scheduling personal training for December now with myself also Alie and Katie are offering personal and small group training specials through January so email me with your availability if you are interested.

  • Starting next week you can message me on the krave facebook page with your nutrition questions and every Monday I will choose one to answer on the page!

  • I would like to add some testimonials on the website so if you have been doing classes, nutrition, or training and can write a couple sentences I would appreciate it! Add before and after photos!

Please follow the krave fitness & nutrition facebook page for updates and healthy recipes/tips



Happy Halloween!

Leah October 31, 2013


-This will be the last Shake it Barre class tomorrow until Alie and I choreograph a class and

  bring it back for January.
-Tracey's class will be moved to 5:30pm Friday nights as requested and
  will be at K1
-Isabel is starting Yoga next week, welcome her! Wednesday, Friday
   nights and Sunday mornings.
-What time would you like Turkey Burn class? 8 or 9am on Thanksgiving?
-Showers will be installed at K2 within 2 weeks. YAY! I will slowly be
  creating locker rooms over there. Early morning classes will all be at
  K2 starting next month so you can shower.
-Would you like Monday and Thursday BootCamp to switch to 5:30-6:05?
-Would you like Tarah's Strength & Conditioning 6-6:50 Tues, Wed and
 Friday moved to 5:30-6:15?
What would you all like added in more of?



Katie October 19, 2013


FREE vinyasa flow demo class Thursday 10/24 from 7:30-8:30pm.  This class does not take any of your punches and you don't need to have a punch card or monthly membership to sign up for it.  It's a great way to relieve some of the stress from the week and get a good stretch in while relaxing.  



Just a reminder that Tarah's Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday classes start next week on 10/22.  Wally's November Monday and Thursday bootcamp starts 11/4.  Her class will now be held at K2 (50 Howe Ave in Millbury).


Please e-mail Leah asap if you want to sign up for these classes and have not done so already.

Just a quick update about signing up for these classes if you did not pre-pay for them.  We used to allow members to take the class using a punch from their punch card if they did not pay for all 4 weeks upfront.  We will no longer be accepting punches for these classes.  If you want to take either of these classes, you must purchase a drop in class.  The drop in class that you need to purchase is named "morning boot camp drop in class" on the retail menu.  If you pre-pay for these classes, you do not need to sign up on mindbody.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or need me to clarify for you.  


October Updates!

Leah October 10, 2013


Hi Kravers,

Here are the updates for the month,

- A lot of you have asked about the memberships which are cheaper per class than the Punch Cards and you can   choose how many times per week you want to buy. These are located under the 'contracts' tab on MindBody.

- Tarah's next 30 day program starts the week of October 21st. There will be no 6am classes next week on Tues, Wednesday and Friday. This is the last 30 day program of hers that you can do drop ins. The 30
day program starting after this one ends (week of 11/18) will be pre-pay for the 4 weeks 3x a week only. It is $119 for this program and Tuesday and Friday are Strength days which focus on toning paired muscle groups and Wednesday is a cardio session. I will be informing Wally who is teaching Monday and Thursday Boot Camp which muscle groups Tarah is working so that those of you who do the mon-fri early morning classes don't end up with leg day with Tarah then tons of lunges the next day with Wally. You MUST email me and pay for Tarah's
next session by next Friday, no exceptions. If you are doing Wally's Boot Camp it is only $99.

-The 5 punch card for kids special is 35$ and that is now for first time only. I am going to be changing it so that it is not 65$ as it used to be but it will be more than 35$ so take advantage of this now!

-Those of you that emailed about the 4 week body transformation program it will be starting week of 10/21. Please re-email me and BCC along with your availability so I can create the group days and times. This is 8 people max so let me know asap! This is 50% off!

-Barre-Laties is now at K2 starting next Wednesday at 5pm

-Even though it is early in the month, I will be confirming small group training clients for the month of November  by 10/21 so email me, this is what I have open as of now: (prices are under membership&specials)

Mondays 6:15-7pm 3 spots
Mondays 7-7:45pm 4 spots
Tuesdays 4:30-5:15pm 1 spot
Fridays 4:30-5:15pm 2 spots
Wednesdays 6-6:45pm 4 spots

I also have some one on one slots open for November but am already filling up.

Have a healthy day and make smart choices so you feel good!

Krave a healthy body & mind

**the facebook page is public so you can go on without an account for
updates, just click on the 'fb' icon on the website in the upper right
hand corner.

Small Group Training and One-on-One Updates!

Leah September 25, 2013


Good morning Krave members!

Tomorrow morning is a FREE Boot Camp class at Woolie World in Millbury
for anyone new to Boot Camp. You must have already created an Mind
Body account and I must have your waivers. If you want to bring
someone or forward this please do. Please arrive around 6:20am if this
is your first boot camp and the session is only 30 minutes followed by
a 5 minute cool down.

Wednesday morning with Tracey has only had one member attending all
month so I will be removing that from the schedule however I am
considering offering a similar Fit Body class at 9:30am, email me back
if this works better for you than the 8:30am did.

The Friday 9-10am Pilates will be starting 10/4 next week. This is a
trial class so it is on for 6 weeks and is at K2.

Kids Fit classes are Mondays at K2 and the kids are loving it so get a
5 punch card for the kids, only 35$ on mind body and you can drop them
off and run errands or go to K1 for zumba with Alie while they get
healthy! You can also use that kids special punch card for Tuesdays
Zumba for Kids classes, if you have a girl who likes to groove bring
them in K2 and then come to my Fit Body class at K1.

Nancy had started teaching Yoga but unfortunately had family emergency
and I am interviewing again for yoga instructors. I will be adding
free demos online until I find the right instructor for Krave.

Lastly, Boot Camps and the 6am 3x a week program will be running but
these are pre-reg classes so email me if you want in. The next 6am
Tues/Wed/Fri Strength and Cardio Program 4 weeks starts mid October
and the next 4 week Boot Camp Express starts 10/3 and runs Mondays and
Thursdays 6:30-7:05am its quick but intense!

I have spots open for small group Mondays, time slots are changing to
6pm and 6:45pm so even if you have already told me you want in, email
me which time.
Wednesdays I also have openings for the 6pm slot. I have one open slot
Fridays at 4:30-5:15pm and one slot for Thursdays 11 or 12. I have a
couple one on one slots open for October.

We are offering a BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM which will be 2 small
group sessions a week and nutrition email coaching for 4 weeks
starting mid October. Its usually 399$ but I am offering this for half
off 199$!!! This is a great deal so message me for details!


Have a healthy and happy day and make good choices!

Krave a healthy body and healthy mind!

Fall Updates!

Leah September 13, 2013


Hi Kravers!,
I know schedules are a little crazy with kids going back to school but make sure you still prioritize getting work outs in and staying healthy!

Monday Pilates was changed to Barre & Booty at 9:30 and Pilates was moved to Fridays 7:45-8:30am. I received a couple emails that you really liked core work Mondays so next week I am switching Mondays to Core & More which will have lots of core Pilates but some other stuff as well. Friday I will add a Pilates class in around 8:30 /9/9:30am in tell me! Both of these will be at K2 50 Howe Ave in Millbury.

I am scheduling small group training for October, open spots are: Mondays 6:30-7:15pm and 7:15-8pm
Wednesdays 6-6:45pm

I am building the group for Outdoor October Boot Camp which is Mondays and Thursdays 6:30-7:10am, $99 for month

I am building Tarah's Strength & Conditioning classes which are 'krave strength/krave cardio' on schedule and are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am $119 for month or $109 if also doing boot camp. These are pre-reg programs.

I have a couple personal training spots open in October so message me for details or to reserve a spot in any of the programs mentioned above!

Don't forget their is membership option now, click on contracts on mind body. Cheaper than punch cards.

Have a fabulous weekend and thank you all for the support this week with my Nana passing. I will be taking one day off next week for the funeral so please check Facebook for the updates.


Kids Class Specials!

Katie September 6, 2013


Kids classes will be offered two nights a week.  Parents can take a class at Krave 1 while they're kids are working out at K2.  Monday nights are kids circuit from 4:20-5:20 (ages 3+ co-ed).  Tuesday nights are kids zumba from 5:20-6:20. kids class 5 punch card is 50% off bringing the price down to $32.50.

Create an account for them on mindbody, just like yours.

Purchase the card under their account.  If you skip this step and purchase it under your account name, you are not going to be able to sign them up for class.  It will say that they do not have punches.  You would then have to sign them up under your name which will get a little confusing.  You don't want your punches getting used up instead of theirs. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Fall Updates!

Leah Santello September 2, 2013


-Amber will be subing Zumba classes on 9/21 + 9/22

-There will be no Shake It Barre on 9/20 

-Tarah's early morning classes will re-start 9/13 but I do have a program in place for the next 2 weeks so you can still drop in
-Krave 2 is open! 50 Howe Ave in Millbury. If it says K2 on the schedule it is there
-I am holding the bootcamp for only 2 more months and there are 2 open spots so email me asap!
-We added some kids classes at the same time as adult classes so that those of you that usually have to pay a babysitter can just drop them off for a fitness class while you get yours in at the other location
-Tracey is adding a class starting this Wednesday morning at 7:30-8:15am. She is open to trying different times based on what you want so if 7-7:45 or 8:30-9:15am works better let me know so I can change is asap
-Look at the Fall schedule for class changes and additions.

Katie and Alie will both be ready to take on personal training clients as of October so email me if you are interested so I can give you the special rate they will be offering through Dec 15th!


If you are not following Facebook yet please look for last minute update! Krave Fitness & Nutrition

Have a happy and healthy Labor Day!

Small Group Training in September & October!

Leah Santello August 19, 2013


I am putting groups together for small group training this week for September and October. This is what I have available and am building groups up to 4 people based on level and availability. If you do not see a time/day listed but are interested please email me.  This is a first email me back first get into group basis. I will be sending out another email later today with schedule for K2 and other updates but wanted to get this one out asap as I know some of you are waiting for it.

Mondays 9:30-10:15am 6-6:45pm, 7-7:45pm

Wednesdays 6-6:45pm, 7-7:45pm

Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm, 2-2:45pm

Fridays 3:30--4:15pm

All prices are on website under membership! 

Free Yoga Class!

Leah Santello August 8, 2013


Wednesday 8/14 and 8/21 KRAVE will be offering a FREE yoga demo class from 7:00-8:30 pm. Please come join and help us in selecting some new yoga instructors! You will be taken through a 20 minute demo from each potential new yoga instructor. Feel free to stay for one class or the whole hour and a half! Sign up on mindbody if interested! It's a free class so sign up on mind body but it won't take a punch and you don't need to have any classes to sign up for it online.


ALSO Tonight's zumba toning is zumba with Allie's sub Kristen!

P90X Class Update

Leah Santello July 29 2013


Hi everyone,

I am so excited to announce that Tarah will be filling in for P90X in August. She teaches a killer kickboxing class at krave and has been teaching for over 10 years and competes in triathlon. Tons of fitness knowledge and in amazing shape!  I have put a program together based on your feedback these past couple weeks that she is going to teach:
30 days starting August 6th, 7 person minimum. Lisa, Hali, Amanda and Sean are already signed up. Need 3 more. Please forward this to anyone I'm missing and post on wall.

Tuesdays and Fridays will be a strength class which will rotate 4 muscle groups, chest/back, legs, shoulders/abs, bis and tris. Wednesday will be a high intensity cardio class similar to insanity. The moves will be a little different than p90x which I think is good so those of you can get results by mixing it up. 
Almost all of you wanted earlier so its Tuesday and Friday 6-6:50am and Wednesday 6-6:35am.  Amanda, Sean, Hali, maura and Vartan you are all doing August Bootcamp so it's just 109$ for you. Others it's 119$. 10$ discount if doing Bootcamp. 

Please let me know ASAP! 
Leah D Santello, owner of Krave Fitness & Nutrition


Leah Santello July 21, 2013


We finally have a membership that you can do autopay. There is no fee or anything like that it just makes it easier so that you don't have to pay every couple months for punch cards. Just go on mind body under online store and click on the 'contracts' tab. This is MUCH cheaper then punch cards and you can pick how many times a week you want to come. Your card will be stored online and taken out automatically each month based on which package you choose. You have all been asking for an easier way to keep yourself committed so here you are! Again, 30 day cancelation notice and no fees, its not like a gym membership just a way to make it easier for you to all have your classes!


1. Please remember no bags are allowed in Krave so leave everything in your car and keys/what not goes into a           cubby slot.

2. Please bring clean bottomed sneakers and leave flip flops outside Krave by coat rack or in your cubby

3. I have had many requests about the Hip Hop class but not 7 people we need one more in order to hold it. The       options for dates are now:

    Monday nights 7:30-8:30pm starting august 12th for one month, Wednesday nights 7-8pm starting August               21st for one month. It is only 49$ for all 4 one hour classes and will be a chance to learn some moves and burn         calories at the same time! Please email me back ASAP because I need to make a decision by this Wednesday. 

4. Yes, you heard it right! I am opening a second location at 50 Howe Ave in Millbury across the hall from RPM the           spin studio. This will be K2. Due to the fact that Krave is only one room I cannot accommodate my growing               personal and small group training clients so I have decided to open a 1,000 square foot location just one mile           down the road. This way we can have classes going on and I can train clients and start hosting events                         (nutrition, jogging and biking clubs etc) at the same time. We are starting build out this week because                         obviously it has to be as beautiful as Krave 1 and will be open by August 15th. I am already filling up for                       August for personal training, nutrition and small group training groups so if you are interested email me now!        The goal is to open a much bigger location in about a year that will house all of our Krave members and                      clients.

5. If you are not already please check on the facebook page for updates. If you are into facebook like it and you           will get the updates if you are not it is a public page so just go to and click on the 'f'               symbol to be brought to the page. It is really just the easiest way so that I do not have to email everyone multiple times a month since I know everyone gets tons of emails daily.

6. Chris will be away with his family for medical reasons next month so there will be a time there is not                              insanity/p90x on the schedule. We are hosting a 'INSANITY-A-THON' at 6pm 7/28 to raise money for Chris's              family for their traveling which is so that their son who has Sanfilippo Syndrome can get the care he needs..             Tickets are 15$ and we will be having a raffle $2 per ticket. Come sweat and give to a good cause.

7. The 20$ off a 20 punch card only goes for another week so purchase it now! code 20off20 at checkout

8. no longer works so save


That is all I have. Thank you all for your continuing dedication and enthusiasm to Krave and to yourselves. There are not many things in this world that you can control but you can control how you feel, how you look, and how you inspire your friends, children and yourself! Krave a healthy body and mind!


Leah Santello July 2013


2 week SALE on classes at Krave! special 'BURN OFF THE BURGERS' $20 off a 20 class punch card, just 8$ a class! The promo code to enter at checkout is 20off20 
***if you have old email please delete from address book, doesn't work since website was revamped 2 weeks ago. Please add


Leah Santello July 2013


Krave 2 will be opening next month!! We have a little work to do to make this one as beautiful as Krave 1. The second location is being opened for one on one personal training, group personal training and nutrition consulting clients and seminars. The location at 22 West Street will continue focus on group exercise and boot camps. Stay tuned for more information!


Leah Santello June 2013


Jill will now be offering a 4 week hip hop cardio dance program. The class will be one hour and will be Wednesday evenings starting in July and continuing for 4 weeks. The cost is $49 for all 4 one hour classes. All levels welcome. Expect to burn those calories and lots of core work!

July 24, 31, August 7, 14th 7-8:00pm

Email me to secure a spot

Kids Summer Fitness Class Days and Times

Leah Santello June 2013


Hi parents,

Thank you for your patience and guidance as we finished creating the kids fitness program for the summer. We have decided to runt he program July and August on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Mondays and Wednesdays in summer 2013:

2-2:45pm ages 2-5

3-3:45pm ages 6-9

4-4:45pm ages 10-14

Please sign up on mind body. You can buy a punch card just for your child or share one so that you can take advantage of the great fitness adult classes at Krave. If you are new to Krave click on the ‘new member’ tab. We ask that parents please drop off their kids so that we can have their focus. Brooke, LMT,  in Dr Hughes office down the hall is offering parents 30 minute massages for 50% off! Just $15! That’s about 25$ total for a massage for you and a kids fitness class for your child.

If you are looking for a studio that will offer your child fun fitness while making sure that they are doing so safely then sign them up for these classes. We all know kids have a little too much energy in the summer and this is a way to create discipline, introduce them to fitness, improve self confidence and have them socialize with other children in their age group! Plus, you get a break as a parent….


Leah Santello May 2013

Hi parents, we are finishing up the kids fitness programs at Krave for summer 2013 (July & August). We will be offering 2 types of programs.

The first is a 6 week Zumbatomic program which is Zumba for kids and all ages so siblings can do to together. This class is specially designed for kids ages 4-13. They are high energy fitness parties to get your kids healthy while having a blast! All music and choreography is formatted for kids of all ages. This will be offered for 59$ 6 weeks, once a week or $15 per child for a drop in class. Go to the ‘new member’ tab and create a loin account for your child/children separately and buy ‘drop n class’ or a 6 class zumbatomic class card for 59$. If you want to sign your child up for 2x/week then just purchase 2 6 class zumbatomic class cards online. Then just sign up for the class or classes you want! You are welcome to stay or go run errands or shopping at the Millbury Blackstone Plaza a mile up the street. Please bring all waivers filled out to first class.  Zumbatomic classes will be offered July 9-August 23rd. (No class week of August 4th). Tuesdays 3-4pm and Fridays 9:30-10:30am.  Email if questions. Krave Fitness located at 22 West St #12, Millbury Ma.

The second option is a kids class Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4 and 4-5pm. We are planning on Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm ages 2-5 and 4-5pm ages 5-10. Co-ed. We are finishing up the schedule this week and you will see the classes on Mind Body next week. Basic class punch cards can be used for these classes. Program format will be 1 hour long and consist of fun, high energy fitness directed activities. Obstacle courses, trampolines, jump ropes and for the older kid, free weights will be used… just to name a few! Invest in your children now to help them stay on the right track as they get older. Child obesity is becoming a real issue in America not to mention inactivity, disease and self esteem issues. Whether you just want to get them away from the TV or they have a little weight to lose, Krave has your kids summer program just a click away! Click on ‘new member’ tab on main page to register, purchase classes and sign up online!
Call Leah 508-410-5127 or email with questions.

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