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The K2 24hr Fitness Studio - 50 Howe Ave Millbury, MA

Krave2 or K2,  is a smaller studio used for small group training, personal training, and nutrition. K2 was opened in August of
2013 to accommodate the growing number of personal training clients and small group training clients. K2 is located just minutes
from Krave (K1) in Millbury, MA.  


Starting July 1st K2 (50 Howe Ave Millbury) will become a 24/7 fitness studio for a monthly fee. Leah will post daily workouts for you to complete in your own time with modifications of course! This way there will be NO MORE EXCUSES to get your workout in! K2 will also be used for personal and small group training while all group classes will be held at K1 and K3. There will be three different membership types to choose from including 3 months (summer only) 6 months, and 12 months. There is a $50 Key Deposit that will be returned to you when you return the key and there will be 24/7 video surveillance. Go to MindBody> Services > Contracts > and choose a membership!

  • $10 Refundable Key Deposit ($10 refund when you return the key)

  • $30 per month

Photos coming soon!

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