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Usui Reiki
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which promotes the body’s overall well-being. Reiki is good for chronic pain relief, depression, anxiety, strengthening immunity, preventive care, energizing & revitalizing. It is a warm loving feeling sent through the practitioner from the universe into her head though her feet, into the ground, and then up her body, through her arms and into the Client. It is a one-channel, unconditional love treatment. The Master will place different hands over you and will also use different, unique symbols for power and emotional healing.


Children’s Reiki
Children can be treated with Reiki for ADD, anxiety, depression & insomnia. It’s a wonderful treatment for soothing sick children. If they are small, then they won’t need as much Reiki, if they’re feeling good, but if they’re sick, they will enjoy a lot of Reiki and kids with asthma do very well with Reiki. We do not treat children under 18 without parental consent. Sorry, no coupons or discounts can be used on this product.

Mind Clearing & Emotional Balancing
Balances your emotional state of mind and opens your energy centers to the universe’s guidance. Some energy centers are deficient in energy, rigid & shut-down emotionally with no connection to pleasure & passion. Some have excessive energy, addicted to emotions, overly emotional and flooding. Helps addictions in general to sex, drugs or alcohol, or anyone overly hedonistic to the point of being unhealthy.


Spinal Support Healing
Great for anyone with back problems. To step out on a spiritual journey, a strong energetic support system is needed. The spine represents the underlying structure and belief system, that allow us to glide through life effortlessly and flexibly (with flexibility), or trudge through life stiff and limited your burdens and problems. This healing will bring your will power into balance, whether you are deficient, with not enough will, or you are too willful and excessive in life bossing yourself and people around. This healing is known to treat the excessive “belly bump” in people over time.

About your therapist: Certified Reiki Master, Cindy Foss, has been attuned to Reiki & Energy Medicine since year 2000 and is currently enrolled at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Her goal for every healing is to have Clients energy centers open and balanced. Closed or stopped energy centers can lead to physical ailments and long term problems. She will draw symbols on you (and in your aura for hand’s-off Reiki) as a normal part of every treatment. These symbols are meant to create power and protection in your life. One treatment with the Master symbol at the end will be received on your greatest pain. Some people only have to receive the Master symbol once to be pain free forever.

(Clients remained fully clothed during sessions)

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