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More than halfway there! Well, just to follow up with my last blog I got some slack from it. I don't understand women's mindsets. When I see any fit hard-working-for-it-woman I think YOU GO GIRL and it is motivational for me to think that I want to look that fit and be that healthy. When my instructors became pregnant in the past I would look at their strong legs and arms and what they were doing and be amazed. One look at them and the thought of skipping my workout vanished. However, I now know there will always be women who look at anyone they view as in better shape and hate on them. Seeing a fit pregnant woman makes them feel badly about themself instead of motivating them like it should. It isn't a mentality that I agree with. Anyone that has anything that you want should make you go get it!How does it make you feel badly about yourself by seeing a woman who is naseous and exhausted yet still getting her workouts in every day and all she wants is a damn doughnut but she eats her damn chicken and rice instead? Answer that yourself and think about it. If someone looks better than you do (in your eyes) than chances are they work at it harder than you do or have a more disciplined nutrition program than you may so use it as fuel to say to yourself 'if she can do it pregnant than I can do it!' and suck it up buttercup.

Week 22

Symptoms, oh they are so fun. If you are reaching this point you may have already been blessed with some of these. Lets see, I had to go to the hospital to have my blood pressure monitored twice now. I guess weeks 18-22 is when your blood pressure drops, crashes shall I say...So amongst trying to pick your head up off the pillow in the morning is now the added symptom of trying to pick it up off the floor all day long. I suffered with low blood pressure before and after tests and tests and tests I was concluded as 'too healthy'. Yes, thats what the cardiologist and neurologist said. Due to my athletic state and clean diet my heart was over efficient. I tossed the medication they gave me to keep me from passing out and decided to use my 4 year Health Education degree (which I will be paying for my entire life) and naturally increase it slightly with diet. A couple weeks ago I was on brink of passing out for a good 3 days so I started self monitoring my blood pressure and what do you know, 78/47...pretty damn low. I went to the hospital and they said these are the weeks when it drops but don't worry around week 22 it increases and you will feel great! That kicked in last week and now I know what normal BP feels like, pretty great to be 107/65, an all time high for me. I have an extra pep in my step. Unfortuately due to the increased blood supply of 40-50% (true and crazy), blood vessels less constricted and hormones making me Miss Mean, as soon as I get stressed out I get instant nosebleed. Fight with James, nosebleed. Stuck in traffic, nosebleed. Instructor is sick and can't make it in to teach their class, nosebleed! It is gross, annoying and inconvenient. I have been told its also normal!

Second awesome symptom, feeling the baby kick. Yay! I had thought I felt it a couple weeks ago but heck no. You know it when you feel it. butterflies my ass. This feels like my organs are getting jab, cross, hook. Starts about 11pm when I lay down to sleep and wakes me up all night long. That first night it was so sweet. Now its been about 4 days in a row and its like he doesn't want me to sit down. Am I creating a child with ADD because I am on my feet 24 hours a day? I hope not! If you start feeling these movements enjoy it than enjoy praying out loud all night long for the baby to sleep. Call it training time for after the baby arrives.

Last fun symptom I will talk about, patience or lack there of. I am not a patient person to start with but OMG I am in a race, I don't know why or what for but I am mentally running. You want to go 65 MPH on the highway to which the speed limit is 65? I want to hurt you. You want to chat to the bank teller about your brother? In my mind I am probably kicking you in the face. You want to count my change back to me? Just give me the damn money! Maybe it is the extra testosterone in my system, I don't know but my poor clients. I have my bitch 'resting gym face' on 24/7 now get out of my way.

And for you warped people who keep telling me 'I can't wait until you have a huge belly' what is wrong with you by the way...I am trying to help you get smaller and tighter and you can't wait for my belly to exlode and my ass to double in size, pretty messed up...I am up a whole 20 pounds higher now and certain parts of my body are having a race to see if they can keep up with how quickly my belly is expanding so thank you for all the 'I can't wait for you to get huge' comments, enjoy this because as soon as I pop this baby out I am going to be right back to my lifting gym days and posting pics of post baby workout body expecting more comments about how depressing my photos are!

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