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Week 24 Rugged Maniac & Half Marathon Prep

Welcome to 6 months, here are just a couple things my body is going through:

Hunger. Like I just ran a marathon, there is no feeling of full. It is not real hunger, but also not a craving, more like the feeling of wanting to eat and never being satisfied after all the time. I could sit down and eat my entire fridge. I had expected that room is running out in my stomach and that ' I am so full even though I just ate like a bird' feeling would be starting but no, blame it on the hormones. I never eat crap, well maybe once a month. Saturday night I was supposed to go out to dinner but after an exhausting 12 hour day at the studio I could barely climb into my car to get home. Ordering in it was and I did just fine by ordering a grilled chicken with cucumbers, feta (pasturized I asked), olives and lettuce on a spinach wrap. I ate the whole thing in about a breath and then needed 2 pieces of James's pizza. I could have eaten the entire pizza, no full feeling. Pre-pregnancy I would have been stuffed after half my wrap and not even thought about having pizza. Even though that hasnt happened often, I find myself unable to have self control, its scary when you are used to being disciplined.

Not needing diapers (thats a joke btw) I was surprised when all of a sudden last week I was making it through two client's 45 minute sessions wothout having to run out to the ladies room. Then it was 3 sessions. Seems that the constant urge is going away which is nice because businesses in Ma. are not very nice about letting you run in to use the bathroom all the time. I could not even make it 45 minutes in the car a couple weeks ago without having to pull over 1-2x.

Rugged Maniac Prep- I asked my Doctor if it was ok and she said yes since I had done it before. I know the mud carries a lot of germs and when you are pregnant you can't use tampons, my plan was to use one so no mud got ehem up. Guess I will just have to stay out of the mud somehow. I went through the obstacles online to see which ones I might have an issue with and then simulated tjem in the studio to make sure I would be able to do them. No problemo.

Half Marathon Prep- Luckily I am carrying very high. This makes it hard to breath and I look like my chest goes right into my belly but the positive side is that I don't have issues jogging, some woman who carry low feel like the baby is going to fall out. Today was hot, 86 degrees and humid. I knew I had to get one last long run in so I planned a 10 miler after I taight spin class. Not the best timing since my legs were already dead. The entire 10 miles the only thing that got my through was thinking about the people who dream of running but have a physical disability that prevents them from doing so, for the people who look at these posts and think 'well she's fit it's easy' I prove you wrong. I have an additional 20 pounds on now, a baby whose kicks I can feel jabbing my ribs as I run, no energy, side stitches, muscles cramps and pain. To balance that out, I have determination and that is all you need to put one foot in fornt of the other. Did the thought turn around and head back cross my mind? No. It's not physical so stop saying you can't and say 'I can'. It was awful, but I did it and it is over. At least the Newport half won't be 86 and humid with no water stations. What's another 3 miles?

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